About us

Our Mission

Our goal is the comprehensive support of those companies who are looking to build business relations in German-speaking countries, sell products or services, or plan to establish supplier partnership with the companies of the concerned countries. We provide information and advice to our clients in economic, business and legal issues, and indicate the current trend. We look for and analyse potential business opportunities, and validate business partners.


Managing Owner


  • Dr. Ferenc Karoly Csordas (1977)
    • Lawyer (ELTE, Budapest, 2013 )
    • Macro Economist (FAU, Nurnberg-Erlangen, 2005)
    • Commercial major Economist (KGF, Szolnok, 2000)
  • Wide range of professional experience at Hungarian and German SMEs and multinational companies
  • Years of Competitive Intelligence (strategic competitor analysis) Advisory experience
  • The former scholar of the Bavarian Free State


Team of experts

  • Professionals with academic background and relevant international experience
  • Experts of economic intelligence and analysis, as well as strategy development and implementation
  • Representatives of the network of experts in various sectors